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17th IACMAG International Conference, Hong Kong 2025

The 17th International Conference of the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (17IACMAG) will be held in Hong Kong, 18-21 Decemebre 2025. The aim of the conference is to give an up-to-date picture of the broad research field of computational geomechanics. Contributions from experts around the world will cover a wide range of research topics in geomechanics.  Further details will be advised in due course.



History of IACMAG Conferences

The first conference in what is now a series of IACMAG International Conferences was held at the Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, Mississippi, in 1972. Subsequent conferences have been held ever since then on approximately a 3 to 4 year cycle. The full list of IACMAG International Conferences held to date is as follows:


  • 1972, Vicksburg, USA

  • 1976, Blacksburg, USA

  • 1979, Aachen, Germany

  • 1982, Edmonton, Canada

  • 1985, Nagoya, Japan

  • 1988, Innsbruck, Austria

  • 1991, Cairns, Australia

  • 1994, Morgantown, USA

  • 1997, Wuhan, China

  • 2001, Tucson, USA

  • 2005, Torino, Italy

  • 2008, Goa, India

  • 2011, Melbourne, Australia

  • 2014, Kyoto, Japan

  • 2017, Wuhan, China

  • 2025, Torino, Italy

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